Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Locally Sourced Beers of 2013

1. Hugh Malone, Allagash

2. Vinland Two, Mystic

3. Hopulence, Wormtown
4. Baby Rhino, The People's Pint
5. Harvest IPA, Northampton Brewery
6. CBC2, Cambridge Brewing and Craft Beer Cellar
7. RIPL Effect, Jack's Abby
8. Total Eclipse, Brewmaster Jack 
9. Five Mile Hop Harvest, Ipswich
10. Mongrel Red, Watch City
11. Stock Ale, Stoneman and People's
12. Smoking in the Valley, Cambridge Brewing
13. Dippity Do Brown Ale, Throwback Brewing
14. Soleil French Saison, Brewmaster Jack
15. Hop Session CH Evans

Friday, December 13, 2013

At The People's Pint. Alden Booth taps a firkin of local session rye IPA called Baby Rhino. Very memorable evening, as they all are at The Pint.

Great story on Wormtown and Rapscallion with a few words from yours truly. Not everyone understands: Local is fresher and therefore better.